A downloadable game for Windows

Space Cat Command is sending YOU to the moon to find fish and fight Space Skeletons!

One audience member plays this game through chat whispers at a time! Come stop by https://www.twitch.tv/robotloveskitty/ to play!

Or set it up to run on your own channel!

1) Make a twitch account for the game.
2) Edit the config.txt

3) Run the game and put it somewhere on your stream

Check your ranking with !rank
Check the highscore with !top
Tell about the game with !scchelp
If no one is playing !enlist

Skeleton - 1 point, Zilla - 5 points, Fish - 10 points, Stairs - 30 points

Recharge Raygun shots by walking

Tagscats, Game Boy, GBJam, moon, twitchplays
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

Install instructions

Follow the setup instructions above and just put the game in a folder and run spacecatcommand.exe (and tweet @robotloveskitty so we can stop by and check it out!)


SpaceCatCommand.zip 11 MB

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